Helping our members succeed

Training and Support

Finding and nurturing leads, creating an effective business strategy, promoting successfully online and offline, onboarding new team members...

There are many things that go into building a successful home-business.

At GHB, we help our members succeed at every business task by providing a full suite of targeted training and support programs, each delivered by a team of top industry experts, ensuring GHB members are armed with all of the knowledge and skill they need to perform at an elite level and reach their individual income goals.

So, whether you’re someone who’s entirely new to home business entrepreneurship, or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to take a more professional approach, get more consistent results, and generate those six or seven-figure income streams, we’ve got you covered.



90-Day 'Start Right, Start Fast' Program

Our 90-day action plan for successfully launching your business, achieving early wins, and creating the secure foundation for long-term business success.

'Start Right, Start Fast' Program

This program includes:

Daily Step-By-Step Launch Plan

A step-by-step 90-day follow-along plan for creating your initial base of prospects and enjoying a successful business launch

Fast Action Follow-Up Process

A simple, effective, beginner-friendly method for converting prospects into buyers and distributors during your business's first 90 days

Return Customer Generator

A foolproof method for engaging with customers, building strong relationships, and getting ongoing return orders

Proven Scripts

Phone scripts, SMS message scripts, and pre-written social media posts for promoting your business and driving results


Cliff Walker's Seven-Figure Network Marketing Framework

Cliff Walker's proprietary six-part business-building framework, the system he developed and has used to consistently earn a seven-figure annual income and go from zero to top-earner in multiple global network marketing companies. This proven framework provides network marketers with an easily-duplicatable, reliable, detailed method for consistently acquiring more customers, more distributors, and more profit by focusing on the 6 Master Tasks for next-level network marketing success.

A quick look

The Six Master Tasks


Identify the size of home business you need to build to reach your financial, business, and time freedom goals and create a 12-month gameplan to help you reach that vision

Daily Method of Operation

Design a schedule of daily actions that allows you to act with purpose and focus on high-leverage activities that ensures your investment of time and effort bring substantial returns

Personal Growth and Training

Instill an unstoppable achievement mindset in your organization that helps you and everyone on your team stay motivated, easily overcome challenges, and capitalize on their strengths

Team Development

Quickly enroll and train new business partners and develop them into hyper-productive, successful distributors who stay engaged for the long term


Transform your team from followers into pro-active, independent leaders who'll create their own successful sales organization, allowing you to enjoy exponential business growth and world-class results


Create an achievement culture that permeates every level of your sales organization, aligns your team on shared vision and values, and keeps your business running smoothly

This 3-module, 32-lesson course includes lessons in:

Paid Traffic Campaigns

Run effective, high ROI ad campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest without risking your accounts getting blocked or banned

Social Media Marketing

Find high-quality prospects on the social media platforms, connect with them, and bring them into your funnel, and use organic content to build a large and profitable following


Ongoing Training Webinars

As part of our commitment to the continued success of our GHB membership, we regularly hold live, interactive training webinars. Here, our team of network marketing professionals share up-to-date insights, the specific strategies and techniques that are working most effectively in the market today, and answer questions, providing a powerful and exclusive home business mastermind group that allows GHB members to consistently stay ahead of the pack.


Personalized Online Support

GHB members also receive our full, personalized email and phone support. Whether you need extra assistance implementing our processes, a solution for a tricky business challenge, or simply advice on how to hit your next business goal, our expert team are here to help.