the next big opportunity in network marketing

Our Partner Company


At GHB we’ve helped tens of thousands of people to become successful home-based entrepreneurs.

Part of that success comes from our ability to consistently find the right companies to partner with, companies that provide our members with the potential for significantly higher earnings and sustainable, long-term success.

And after conducting detailed research, shortlisting the available options, and meeting with managers and leadership at more than 15 companies, we chose our current partner, a company that our Founder, Cliff Walker, calls “the next big opportunity in network marketing”

So what makes them special?

1. Booming Niche​

This company is in the booming health and wellness niche, which provides our members with an easy way to enter one of the fastest-growing markets that exists today, share in that incredible profit potential, and create a business that can bring long-term success.

A Huge Trillion-Dollar Market

More than $4.75 trillion of health and wellness products and services are sold every year, which means there's an absolutely enormous pool of hungry customers

A Growing Market

Since 2015, the health and wellness market has grown more than 6% year on year and shows no sign of slowing.

An Evergreen Market

Unlike short-term trends, demand in health and wellness is consistent, providing GHB members with the ability to create a long-term income and lasting business.

2. Rapidly Expanding Company

Not only is our partner company in an incredible, growing market, their upward trajectory is actually outpacing industry averages.
They have an impressive track record of success and, as they now begin their planned program of international expansion and start to tap into fresh markets, are expected to see even more growth

Inc 500 List

They've been listed on the Inc 500 for three years in a row, making them one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the entire United States with a track record of sustained growth.

Global Expansion

Our partner operates in the United States, Canada, and India, and are gearing up for expansion into hungry new markets, including a UK and European expansion that GHB are spearheading, providing enormous growth potential for our members.

Proven Market Success

With millions of dollars of orders and hundreds of thousands of glowing customer testimonials, our company has proven the market's hunger for their products.

3. Revolutionary Products

The meteoric rise of our partner company is due not only to their incredible management team and target of impacting 1 billion lives over the next 20 years but also their innovative product range.

proven benefits to customers


Created in partnership with a scientific advisory board of health, wellness, and nutrition experts, their products are backed by real science and deliver proven benefits to customers

not available through competitors

Proprietary Formulas and Processes

These innovative products use proprietary formulas (and in some cases patented processes) which means they are not available through competitors


products ahead of the curve

Naturally-Sourced Ingredients

Products are GMO-free, additive-free, independently lab tested, and made using naturally and ethically sourced ingredients, putting these products ahead of the curve when it comes to consumer trends

something for everyone

Designed for Broad Range of Consumers

Our partner offers a broad range of products for men and women of different ages, lifestyles, and health priorities, ensuring there is something for everyone.


4. Most Generous Compensation Plan

Our partner offers the most generous compensation plan of any direct sales company, which provides motivated, ambitious home entrepreneurs with a genuine pathway to achieve financial freedom. Seven different income streams are available, including:

50% Commission on Every Product

Earn 50% commission on sales of any product unlike the 20-30% commission at most other top companies, and earn this top rate starting on day one

Multiple Monthly Team and Individual Bonuses

Unlike with other companies, these are commission bonuses that you can qualify for and receive every month

A Vehicle Stipend

Available even at the first position in the company