The Next BIG Opportunity in Remote Digital Marketing

Our Partner Company


At GHB we’ve helped tens of thousands of people to become successful home-based entrepreneurs.

Part of that success comes from our ability to consistently find the right companies to partner with, companies that provide our members with the potential for significantly higher earnings and sustainable, long-term success.

And after conducting detailed research, shortlisting the available options, and meeting with managers and leadership at more than 15 companies, we chose our current partner, a company that our Founder, Cliff Walker, calls “The Next BIG Opportunity in Remote Digital Marketing.”

So what makes them special?

1. A Huge and Growing Market

Our partner company offers GHB members a simple way to enter one of today’s fastest-growing markets, tap into its incredible profit potential, and create a home business that can generate a thriving income now and over the long term.

A Huge Trillion-Dollar Market

More than $4.75 trillion of health and wellness products and services are sold every year, which means there's an absolutely enormous pool of hungry customers

A Growing Market

Since 2015, the health and wellness market has grown more than 6% year on year and shows no sign of slowing.

Rapidly-Growing Niches

The company is positioned at the heart of four of the fastest-growing multi-billion dollar trends in health and wellness.

An Evergreen Market

Demand for health and wellness products is consistent, providing GHB members with the ability to create long-term income and lasting business success.

2. A Proven Company Hitting Their Next Growth Phase

Our partner isn’t a struggling startup that we’re ‘hoping’ will succeed. They are a stable company led by a world-class management team with a proven track record of success.

Best of all, this company is currently entering a significant growth phase and expanding into fresh, hungry markets across the globe, which means, by partnering with them, GHB members can enjoy the best of both worlds: long-term sustainable income and rapid home business results.

Proven Market Success

With millions of dollars of orders, hundreds of thousands of glowing customer testimonials, and a presence in 40 countries across the world, our company has proven there is an incredible appetite for their products among consumers.

Global Expansion

Our partner is currently gearing up for a significant expansion into hungry new markets, an expansion that GHB is helping to spearhead and that provides our membership with enormous income potential.

Inc 100 CEO

Their management team, led by a former Fortune 100 division head, has experience succeeding at the top level of business, which means this company will be able to both capitalize on its current success and continue to grow.

3. Revolutionary Products

The incredible success of our partner company is due not only to their excellent management team but also to their innovative, clinically-proven range of products.

20-year track record of innovation

Innovative Products

Our partner company is a pioneer in one of the fastest-growing fields of science, has a 20-year track record of innovation, and their flagship product is the first health and wellness supplement in this growing niche that’s proven to work.


proven benefits to customers

Clinically Proven

These products were created by a scientific and medical advisory board, have been proven in double-blind placebo tests (conducted in independent labs), and have been written up in 24 published research papers. In short, these products are clinically proven to deliver real benefits to customers.

not available through competitors

Patented Products, Processes, and Ingredients

Not only are these ground-breaking products patented, but so are the processes used to make them and the ingredients themselves, which means they are unique, exclusive to this company, and can’t be copied by competitors.


products ahead of the curve

Naturally-Sourced Ingredients

Products are safe, chemical-free, and made using the highest quality naturally- and ethically-sourced ingredients. And because the entire production process occurs ‘in-house,’ from harvesting ingredients to packaging, they can fully guarantee every product’s purity, potency, and quality.


Designed for a Broad Range of Consumers

Their product line benefits men and women of different ages, lifestyles, and health priorities, meaning the target audience for these products is vast, easy to reach, and easy to sell to.

4. Most Generous Compensation Plan

Our partner offers an outstanding compensation plan that allows our members to take advantage of eight different income streams, providing motivated, ambitious home entrepreneurs with incredible income potential and a genuine path to financial freedom.

Commission on Every Product

Earn a generous commission on every product you sell

Multiple Monthly Team and Individual Bonuses

There are several team and individual bonuses available and, unlike with other companies, you can qualify for and receive these bonuses every month.

Percentage of Global Sales

Every single month, this company sets aside a percentage of their entire multi million dollars of global sales to share among their top earners