Our Automated System

Global Marketing Platform


Interested in increasing your productivity, reducing your workload, scaling your business more rapidly, and enjoying up to a 300% boost in earnings?

GHB’s state-of-the-art automated digital marketing platform allows home business owners to fully leverage the incredible power of digital marketing without the level of expertise or skill normally required.

Limited Time

There's only a finite number of hours you can work each day

Repetitive Daily Tasks

Most of the workday is consumed by repetitive, time-intensive, business activities

How Our Global Marketing Platform Creates a 300% Boost

GHB’s Global Marketing Platform helps free our members from the constraints faced by most entrepreneurs, automating the process of lead capture, lead engagement, and prospect follow up and conversion, allowing you to run your business on autopilot and at scale.

Professional Lead Capture

Customized landing pages for promoting your business online and capturing high-quality leads



AI-Powered Lead Engagement

Interviewing prospects, answering questions, engaging and pre-qualifying leads is all done for you using our artificial intelligence-powered chatbots

Automated Follow-Up

Follow up with, nurture, and convert prospects on autopilot using pre-made, proven marketing funnels.



Intelligent Tracking

Our smart algorithm tracks every interaction people have with your business and even alerts you when you have a 'hot' prospect, so you can focus on activities that have the biggest impact.

Viral Referral Platform

Expand your business's reach, create exponential growth, and make the process of acquiring referrals simple and effective using our patented infinite referral platform.

Marketing Assets

Pre-built, professionally created landing pages, email sequences, SMS messages, Whatsapp messages, video presentations, webinars, and other marketing assets

Infinite Scalability

With our automated platform, you're no longer restricted by the volume of calls and emails you can personally make each day, and with no usage limit or cap, you can scale your business free of restrictions

Fully Customizable

The Global Marketing Platform is fully customizable, so you can adapt or alter the marketing assets, funnel steps, and timing of follow-up messages to fit all of your business needs

Introducing Our New Mobile App...

Now you can track your data in real-time, review your campaign results, and schedule calls quickly and easily from your smartphone or tablet using our GHB Marketing Platform Mobile App.

A perfect way to stay connected to your business when you’re on the move, away from your computer, and unable to access the complete Global Marketing Platform browser-based application.