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Want to experience the kind of marketing returns that huge, enterprise-level businesses enjoy but without a massive marketing budget?

We can help.

At Global Home Business, we provide our members with a way to leverage cutting-edge digital marketing technology, without the cost or difficulty it usually entails, providing them with a decisive marketing advantage normally unavailable to home business entrepreneurs.

Programmatic Marketing - The GHB Advantage

Big Data Research

Hundreds of thousands of pieces of data analyzed in real-time, making split-second advertising decisions that would take a team of skilled marketers months.

AI - Powered Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms decide in real-time where and when to run ads, who to show them to, and which marketing assets to use.

Intelligent Optimization

Sophisticated algorithms learn the best marketing channels, ad content, and targeting, and make strategic optimization decisions that result in hyper-targeted, more profitable campaigns.

90 Day Done-For-You Business Launch

To help our new members successfully launch their business, establish their initial base of customers and business partners, begin generating a profit as quickly as possible, and create powerful business momentum, we can provide new members with 90 days of ‘done-for-you’ programmatic marketing. 

Our team of digital marketers—led by the owner of one of Europe’s leading digital marketing agencies—conduct research, create high-converting ads, landing pages, and other marketing assets, run the programmatic marketing campaign, conduct split-tests, and create remarketing campaigns.

Purchasable Leads

At any time, as a GHB member, you can also purchase the high-quality leads generated through our ongoing programmatic marketing campaigns, providing you with a valuable additional lead source.

Three Other Ways GHB Help Create Expert Marketers

In addition to programmatic marketing, Global Home Business provides training, support, and state-of-the-art software for significantly boosting your online and offline marketing efforts

Digital Marketing Training

3-module, 32-lesson course on digital marketing created by expert marketer Paul Sheals

Network Marketing Training

Network Marketing business-building framework created by GHB's founder and CEO, 7-figure annual income earner Cliff Walker

Our Automated Marketing System

Automated marketing system and pre-built marketing assets for following up with, nurturing, and converting prospects on autopilot.


Paul Sheals

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An expert digital marketer with a 30-year track record of success, Paul Sheals is the founder and owner of one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Europe and the creator of the world’s leading automated marketing platform for Direct Sales Professionals.

As a former international sportsman who won the Commonwealth Games and earned medals at the World and European Championships, Paul understands what it takes to reach the top both in sport and business.

And through the programmatic marketing campaigns he runs and digital marketing training he provides, he allows GHB members to leverage his decades of top-flight experience and achieve the same standard of excellence in their own business.

Paul's Clients Include: