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AI-Powered 'Done-For-You' Lead Generation



AI-Powered ‘Done-For-You’ Lead Generation

The ability to consistently find high-quality leads is the biggest factor that separates hugely successful businesses from those that struggle to survive.

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business. It’s also the single biggest challenge for home entrepreneurs and big businesses alike.

That’s why we created OmniREACH, our revolutionary artificial intelligence-powered, machine-learning tool that finds leads for you and delivers them directly to your inbox.

How OmniREACH Works


OmniREACH's state-of-the-art algorithm scours the internet looking for hyper-targeted, high-quality leads who have the best chance of becoming paying customers.


Using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google ads, mobile app ads, and SMS messages, OmniREACH engages these leads for you and collects their contact information.


Every day, OmniREACH sends you a list of these potential customer leads right to your inbox.

How OmniREACH Makes You A More Successful Home Business Entrepreneur

Less Stress

Less Stress. Most entrepreneurs and marketers find traffic and lead generation to be their biggest challenge. When you use OmniREACH, you can relax because our system does the lead generation for you.

Save Money

Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on ad campaigns, OmniREACH will generate the leads for you, for a small monthly subscription fee.

More Time

You don't need to write blogs, create YouTube videos, or spend hours networking on social media. Now, lead generation is as simple as opening your inbox.

OmniREACH + Automated Marketing: Taking Your Marketing to the Next-Level

OmniREACH platform integrates seamlessly with GHB’s Automated Marketing System—our automated platform for following up with, nurturing, and converting prospects on autopilot.

After OmniREACH generates leads, you have the choice to reach out to them personally or, if you prefer, GHB’s Automated Marketing System will work on your behalf, following up with prospects under your business name using email, text, and virtual assistant.

Which means you can run a successful business in a fraction of the time it’d usually take, run a profitable business at scale (even as a solopreneur), and focus only on those activities that need your personal attention.