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Leadership Development


Are You Really Living Up To Your Potential?

As an entrepreneur, you are in control. You are the leader.

But unfortunately most of us have never been taught how to be an effective leader.

Most entrepreneurs don’t know how to lead themselves, how to unleash their full potential and become more productive, more resilient, more motivated, and more confident.

Even fewer know how to lead a team, help them bring their best every day, and create a world-class organization that can enjoy explosive income growth.

Leadership is the essential entrepreneurial skill that’s often neglected.

GHB's Scientific Secret For Producing World-Class Leaders

At Global Home Business, we have designed a world-class Leadership Development Program to transform entrepreneurs from ordinary to exceptional.

Created and led by Graham Betchart, one of the world's foremost mental performance experts, our program leverages cutting-edge psychology and science-backed leadership research to allow entrepreneurs to achieve rapid and long-lasting transformation.

And, to help our members become more effective leaders of themselves and their team, our course is delivered using a unique 3-part learning framework.

The 3-Step Learning Leadership Framework

1. Learn It

Discover the core leadership skills for becoming an effective, high-performance entrepreneur

2. Live It

Gain practical experience using the skills in your life and create long-lasting behavioral change

3. Lead It

Share the tools with your team and train them to achieve their potential

How Our Training Program Works

To help you learn it, live it, and lead it, our Leadership Development  Program is delivered using a combination of different resources.

Online Workshops

Exclusive, live, interactive teaching workshops providing in-depth training on the core leadership skills


Video Training

Additional video training modules for deeper knowledge and understanding (and for re-watching with your team)


Implementation Worksheets

Skill-focused worksheets to guide you through the process of implementing your new skills and creating lasting behavioral change


Custom MVP Audio Tracks

A special mental performance tool designed by Graham that incorporates meditation, visualization, and powerful self-talk that creates rapid personal transformation (Normally reserved for his elite athlete and Fortune 500 executive clients)


Graham Betchart

One of the world’s leading mental performance coaches, Graham is Director of Leadership Development here at Global Home Business.

Unlike those who focus on delivering short-term motivational boosts, Graham specializes in helping students achieve long-term transformation using the scientifically-backed mindset tools he has pioneered.

His engaging delivery style, commitment to his students, and impressive track record at creating profound changes, both at a personal and organizational level, have made him the go-to coach for elite athletes and top executives at Fortune 500 and 100 companies.

Graham's Clients Include: